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An easy way
to create and send
real postcards
from your computer
or phone.

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Seeking inspiration?

Make your best friend's day with capturing your time together.
Surprise your parents with a postcard from your family vacation.
Be creative, and inspiration will find you!

Create New Postcard

How it works

AppyCards! is a simple, creative way to get real postcards
delivered to someone's home.
All you need to do is these four steps.

Choose card type

Create a single photo of you and your spouse, a beautiful collage of your moments with friends or a funny postcard with just your heads in a predefined image.

Select frames and filters

Give your postcard that gorgeous artistic look with just two clicks. The first one adds a frame of your choice, the second one brightens it up with thematic filters.

Add text and stickers

A picture might be a thousand words, but sometimes you need to say just one. Add it to the photo, then enrich it with jolly stickers to complete your masterpiece!

Write something nice and send it

People love reading postcards! Write something nice to them on the back side of the postcard, fill in their address and your newly created postcard is good to go.

Create New Postcard

There is another intuitive way to create
and send postcards with AppyCards!
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